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A flower pot made from elephant grass.

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Products made from Waste materials
Products made from Natural materials
Products made from Recycled materials
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Products made from Bio-based materials
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Products made from Waste materials

The collection is made from waste materials

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W303 - The Circular Reusable Bottle

WoW! Sustainable, circular water bottle from Circular&Co. 92% of this…

W038 & W039 & W040 & W041 - Walter Waste Docks

WoW! This Wireless Phone Charger is made from recycled plastics!…

W099 - Notebook Made From Stone Waste and Bamboo

WoW! This Notebook is made from Bamboo and the paper…

W168 - Coffee Socks

WoW! By wearing these socks you are saying yes to…

W324 - Apple Leather Keychain

Keyring made from apple leather, an alternative to real leather.…

W191-Elphant Poo Notebook large

WoW! This notebook is made from elephant poo! 4 billion…

Products made from Recycled materials

The collection is made from recycled products

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W344 - Vodde Casual Recycled Socks

Comfortable socks from Vodde made using a 100% circular economy…

W161 - RPET Sports Bottle

WoW! This reusable sports bottle is made from 100% recycled…

W280 - Glassy Bottle

WoW! A sustainable, reusable drinking bottle made from 20 up…

W126 - NoW Cup

WoW! The Now Cup is a sustainable alternative to your…

W135 - Recycled Leather Belt

WoW!  This leather belt is made from recycled leather! The…

W141 - Recycled Beach Set

Wow! This Beach Set is made of recycled HDPE which…

Products made from Bio-based materials

The collection is made from BIO-based materials

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W069 - Natural Bottle Slim

WoW! This reusable water bottle is made from bamboo (lid)…

The WoW! Sustainable Gift Card

Give just one gift? Or an entire store of sustainable…

W308 Tree Pod

WoW! This design laptop stand is made from wood fibres,…

W113 - Corn Backpack

WoW! This bag is made from PLA (from corn starch)…

W119 - Hot Soluble Bag

Wow! This bag will dissolve in water! It is made…

W131 - PLA and Cork Cup

PLA and Cork Cup - 350 ML From cork to…

Products made from Natural materials

The collection is made from Natural materials

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W277 - Waboba Paddle Set

WoW! The world’s first line of sustainable beach and outdoor…

W325 - Clean Walk Walkingstick

WoW! This walking stick is made of sustainable chestnut wood…

W330 - Hemp Tote Bag

A handy bag with long handles made from hemp (280…

W132 - Plant Based Chewing Gum

WoW! Vegan, plant-based, biodegradable, 100% natural chewing gum in its…


WOW! In Europe every year, we use at least 36.4…

W100 - Seed Paper Notebook

WoW! The cover of this notebook is made from so-called…