The Interall Group is market leader since 1976 in producing creative and effective promotional products with a European twist. We are a youthful and dynamic team with more than 40 years’ experience in the promotional market.

Our products are sold worldwide through our network of distributors in both the promotional industry and retail.



Our collection

Our mission is twofold: to help reduce plastic waste; and to directly contribute to a better life for those less fortunate across the globe.
We’re therefore proud to launch our new label, WOW: the sustainable collection of promotional brands produced in a green, circular and/or 100% FairChain way. It’s new, hip, innovative and… most of all, green! The Interall Group’s WOW label is made up of gifts with a real-life story of change from people who want to make a difference. We offer a collection of gifts that are not only unique and innovative but also sustainable.

A special gift for a special moment. The WOW collection will continuously add new brands telling new stories, with the ultimate aim of shifting the promotional market as a whole towards more sustainably produced gifts.

Circular Economy

Normally we take resources from the ground to make products that we use; and when we no longer need them, we throw them away. Take-make-waste. We call this a linear economy. Now, we’re turning a linear economy into a circular economy: keeping products and materials in USE. Because continuing to waste resources is unacceptable. With new ways of thinking, we can redesign the system. We strive to keep learning about the circular economy and the role that society can play in accelerating the shift.

A Circular Economy is a new way to design, make and use products within the limits of our planet’s resources. Interall Group applies the three foundational principles of sustainability:

Reduce the amount of give-aways that end up in landfill
Reuse textile and plastic products by upcycling them into reusable new gifts
Recycle waste by removing it from the waste stream to create new gifts

SDG’s: The Sustainable Development Goals


1. No poverty

Interall Group is a global promotional partner of Plastic Bank under the SOCIAL PLASTIC® brand. The partnership supports our mission to become a worldwide supplier of promotional products that help stop plastics making their way into our oceans, while simultaneously combating global poverty. Plastic Bank and Interall work hand in hand, united by shared goals.


12. Responsible consumption and production

Interall focuses on turning waste into renewable raw materials for the production of promotional products, upcycling used products into new and useful products, and – where possible – recycling textile and plastic products into new raw materials for production.


14. Life below water

Through our upcycling and recycling goals, Interall helps prevent plastic from entering the ocean and contributes to cleaning up the “plastic soup”.


15. Life on land

Through our sustainable collection, Interall produces items that reduce CO2 emissions, save on water and energy use, and reduce deforestation.


17. Partnerships for the goals

We believe that the only way to make a successful transition is by forming partnerships in order to speed up, learn from each other, make innovations work and provide turnover for all. The circular economy is only possible by working together.

Product Groups

Interall Group has five sustainable product groups with products made from:

  • Waste
  • Recycled materials
  • Biobased materials
  • Biodegradable materials
  • Natural materials

In addition, Interall Group has an exclusive contract with Plastic Bank: a company that offers money to impoverished communities in the Philippines, Haiti and Indonesia in exchange for collecting waste plastic and depositing it at Plastic Bank depots. As a result, less plastic ends up in the oceans, while the initiative also contributes to the fight against poverty.