The WoW! Giftcard is exclusively available from the promotional distributor – whereby the distributor can offer a completely sustainable and circular gift package to companies. The card itself is made from waste – making it a useful, sustainable gift. And it can be redeemed in a free gift shop.

The distributor earns its margins both on the WoW! Giftcard and on the products that are redeemable. The participating companies (i.e. the end clients) can now give innovative and sustainable gifts that are also a pleasure to receive!


More information WoW! Giftcard…

It’s the first gift card on the market that companies can give to their employees and business contacts that actually helps reduce waste in the environment. Innovative, circular gifts that show people how we can all become more sustainable together. The gifts are not only trendy and unique, but are also leading the way in terms of developments in the circular economy. Plus, new and sustainable gifts are added to the collection almost every week.

But this is also the first gift card offering FairChain products that make an equal 50-50 split in revenues between the producers in developing countries and the brands in developed countries.

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Free webshop

The WoW! Giftcard is fully redeemable at a specially developed online gift store that’s simple and effective to use. The free online tool allows for a simple gift and reward system.

More information about the web shop:

  • It’s free to use
  • You can learn how to manage it yourself in 20 minutes
  • It’s easy to customise by selecting various themes and uploading your own logo/house style
  • You can select from the various gift choices yourself
  • It’s simple to edit and personalise the text

Manage the site with a single click! On, you can easily add people, plan gift occasions using the calendar function, and write a personal message. Making changes and additions is quick and easy – with one click of a button.


How does it work?

Companies can fully customise their own web shop in 20 minutes, but the promotional distributor can also offer this as a free additional service. This means that the distributor can offer just that little bit more than other gift shops.

Open an account on You’ll then be automatically directed through a step-by-step plan to create your personalised gift store. You decide the people to whom you want to give gifts – either individually or in bulk via an Excel sheet (CSV file).

At the moment you choose, the people you’ve selected will receive their personal WoW! Giftcard. It comes with a unique username and password, with which they can log into your very own gift store on – it’s of course populated with your self-selected WoW! gift range. The store’s URL can also be customised with the name or theme of the company itself.

Point system

The WoW! Giftcard is exclusively available for promotional distributors to offer to their clients. The Giftcard can be loaded with credit starting at €25, and from that amount upwards in increments of €5.

The recipient of the Giftcard will not see monetary amounts assigned to each gift, but rather points. This means that the company doesn’t need to indicate the amount they’ve given to each recipient.

1 point = €0.25. Gifts are therefore marked with 1 point, 2 points, etc.

The recipient of the Giftcard will need to redeem the points in one order, as all gifts will be delivered door to door in one box.

The time for giving

For every occasion, there’s a themed web shop that’s been set up with a tailor-made product range, especially for the person and occasion selected. New and innovative gifts that are sustainable, circular and/or FairChain are continually added to the assortment. The web shop features your house style, company name and logo, and is designed around the relevant theme.

The benefits

  • Completely free to use
  • No minimum limit - possible to set up from one user
  • Unique calendar function
  • Your logo always visible
  • Easy to manage online
  • Saves on time and costs

How to redeem the WoW! Giftcard

The recipient of the WoW! Giftcard receives a unique username and password, with which they can log into to choose their gift. The prices are not visible to the recipient. The WoW! Giftcard itself is a circular gift, which contains your personal message – a wonderful experience to receive!

The WoW! Gift store in summary…

  • Easily plan and manage your company gifts and rewards policy
  • A large, innovative range of gifts all relating to today’s hot topic: sustainability in society (with new gifts being added to the range all the time)
  • A tailor-made gift for every recipient on every occasion
  • Your logo and house style always visible
  • All gift purchases centrally collated into one monthly invoice
  • Postage, packaging and guarantee provided by a neutral third party, Interall Group
  • All WoW! Giftcard prices include postage fees