A Beautiful Story (los)

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Jewelry :Enjoy, Jewelry :Luck, Jewelry:You are a star, Jewelry :Small gang, Jewelry: Make a wish, Jewelry": Here comes the sun, Jewelry:Let it come, let it go, Jewelry: Twinkle little star, Jewelry: Love like confetti, Jewelry: Shine, Jewelry: Brave Wings, Jewelry: Keep growing, Jewelry:Day dream, Jewelry:Journey, Jewelry: to the moon and back, Jewelry: every end is a new beginning, Gemston: Rose Quartz, Gemstone:Moonstone, Gemstone:Black Onyx, Gemstone:Blue lace Agate, Gemstone:Labradorite, Gemstone:Garnet, Gemstone:Citrine, Gemstone:Smokey Quartz, Gemstone:AVenturine, Gemstone:Tiger EYE, Ge,stone:Carnelian, Gemstone:Lapis Lazuli